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The long awaited next Fox Hunt will be held on November 14 from 1100-1500hrs. This will be a special edition of the club fox hunt in the form of a scenario that ARES may be called on to participate in. This format may not be for everyone due to the vehicle and physical requirements but see below for special rules that allow participation from home. The scenario will involve a “command post” at the Finnon Lake location. Searchers will have to report the location of the fox using GPS coordinates in person at the command post. The details of the scenario will be announced at 1100hrs on the AG6AU repeater.

·         This Fox Hunt is open to anyone.
·         The highest scoring EDCARC member will be the one to sponsor the next Fox Hunt.
·         The fox transmitter will be at a location that does not require an admission or parking fee. The location shall be in such a place that normal activities of the fox transmitter site would not violate the privacy of nearby residents and would not unnecessarily disrupt the operation of nearby businesses. 
·         The antenna and transmitter shall be within 100 feet of vehicle access. Though some roads will not be paved, any road required to reach the fox will be passable in a 2wd vehicle with reasonable clearance.
·         The Fox will be in a rural or wooded area and may require traversing some moderately challenging terrain to reach.
·         The fox will use a vertically polarized omnidirectional antenna. Signal power will be constant throughout the hunt.
·         We encourage those that will not able to attend in the field to participate by providing useful information such as giving bearings from their home station on any of the AG6AU repeaters ONLY.
·         The use of Compass, Protractor, Straight edge, Maps, Directional antenna, Attenuation, GPS devices and laptop Computers for determining location and for the plotting of bearing is permitted as it would be if ARES were called on to help in a real scenario.
·         The fox configuration is a radio, antenna, and power source hidden somewhere in the defined boundaries.
·         The fox will be north or the South Fork of the American river. East of Rock Creek (the creek not the road), South of and west of Stumpy Meadows reservoir.
·         The Rock Creek Cafe at Finnon Lake is the suggested starting place.

PLEASE RSVP to jeronthenet23@gmail.com

If you have questions let me know. Happy Hunting!

Jeremiah Norrell
Tuesday 8:00 P.M.
147.825 MHz[-] [t82.5Hz]

Monday 8:30 P.M.
147.825 MHz[-] [t82.5]

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