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What is The Neighborhood Radio Watch Program?

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How To Get a General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) License - Step by Step 

Using Your New Two-way Radio

Neighborhood Radio Watch "Safety Nets"

The El Dorado County Amateur Radio Club

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Two-way Radio Purchase Application

FCC Temporary GMRS Operator Permit 

NOTE: Neighborhood Radio Watch Programs ARE NOT a replacement for Emergency Services such as Police, Fire, the Sheriff's Office or 911. These programs are intended solely as a backup communications solution When All Else Fails.

The El Dorado County Amateur Radio Club is a "not-for-profit," all-volunteer Community Service organization. Members are not reimbursed for their Membership or for services provided to the Community. All of the Community Radio equipment we furnish is provided at or below our out-of-pocket costs, and our general support services are offered free of charge. Radio acquisition, programming, and training workshops provided by our Club Members are free of charge. If people need help installing their equipment at home, unpaid Volunteer assistance may be available. Donations to the Club to sustain our efforts are gratefully accepted but are not required nor expected.

Alan Thompson, Public Information Officer
The El Dorado County Amateur Radio Club
Phone: 530-417-1451

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