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I have been getting a lot of questions about the condition of club Field Day site on Mormon Emigrant Road post Caldor Fire.  I haven't driven the MET since the fire because I really didn't want to see the devastation left behind.  I gathered up my courage and Nancy and I decided to take a Sunday drive to the location.  Once you get past Jenkinson reservoir on MET the devastation is apparent.  Hills covered in burnt out trees and piles of cut burnt trees.  Almost all the ground vegetation, such as Manzanita is gone.  The areas where tree clearing work is being done are just dirt.   

At the Field Day site about 60% to 70% of the area is burnt.  Some of the trees have survived for now but I don't know how safe they are.   Lots of new grasses in the area that weren't there before, some have stickers that get into your socks and shoes.  We did see some wildflowers.  There is little shade and many of downed trees.  

The Field Day location is 18 miles once you turn onto MET located on an original part of the MET, 38.6680 -120.2922.

Pictures pre-Caldor Fire




















 Pictures post-Caldor Fire 

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