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Amateur Radio Testing

Next Sesssion June 17th and July 10th 9:00AM
American Legion Post 119
4561 Greenstone Rd.
Placerville, CA 95667
Fees $14
Contact Ken, W6KWV 530-642-9523

Next Club Meeting

In person meeting
Tuesday, April 18th at 7:00PM
El Dorado County Sheriff's Office
200 Industrial Drive Placerville, CA 95667

EDCARC and NRW support Mosquito Finnon Lake Harvest Festival!


At last weekend's Finnon Lake Harvest Festival, in Mosquito.  JR is doing his usual great job.  That's Tom (K6TFB) sitting behind him.  Also roaming around was Reese (AJ6YA), Andrea (W6TDA), Karen, Tom's wife, and Tom, Marilyn, and Linda, from the Neighborhood Radio Watch.  We saw Ken, W6KWV, and several other hams out there.

Great pulled pork sandwiches, chips and drinks were provided to all attendees by the organizer.  A fun event and great PR for both the radio club and the Neighborhood Radio Watch.

 - Bob, W1RH





Photo - Karen Hess

Great turnout at our October 2022 meeting.  We had 35 members in attendance and 5 visitors.   Dave, K6TQ shared some stories from his trip to the 2022 Pacificon event in San Ramon.   Jay, KE6GLA and Nancy, KG6PNP gave a presentation about their 2019 VHF Contest Rover station.  We shared some great snacks and one of the visitors walked away with a new hand-held radio20221018 194552

20221018 194122

There was another good turnout for the September 2020 meeting.  It was good to see everyone doing well and staying vigilant with the Mosquito fire burning in the North County.  Doris, K0BEE brough our new club and ARES badges. 


Bob W1RH and Steve W1SRD encouraged everyone to participate in the California QSO Party on the 1st and 2nd of October. See for more details. Bob also shared his experiences at the 2022 Hamvention in Ohio.

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Roger KN6IMS, shared the history of the Spilsbury SBX-11X the first SOTA transceiver.  We also learned about its creator Jim Spilsbury who had a very adventurous life on the Vancouver coast.

Spilsbury SBX 11A 


We held, our third annual Big Hill SOTA and POTA event on August 20th.  There were 18 participants that made the trek up to the top of Big Hill.  While the temps were over 100 degrees in the Sacramento Valley the top of Big Hill was at a comfortable 80 degrees.   The views were great as always.   Most of the participants were able to make their allotment of contacts to get credit for their activations.  We had all modes covered from the top of the hill, phone, CW, and digital. Best DX worked was Japan and France.  Our SOTA hill was WS/NS-290 Big Hill and the POTA designator was K-4455 for El Dorado National Forest.  It was a great day on the Hill.

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