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Amateur Radio Testing

Next Sesssion March 11th 9:00AM
American Legion Post 119
4561 Greenstone Rd.
Placerville, CA 95667
Fees $14
Contact Ken, W6KWV 530-642-9523

Next Club Meeting

In person meeting
Tuesday, February 21st at 7:00PM
El Dorado County Sheriff's Office
200 Industrial Drive Placerville, CA 95667

01/28/2023 | Discovery of Gold in California 175th Anniversary Special Event Station

The 2023 Winter Field Day / Special Event Station / POTA Activation was a great success.   We logged 425 contacts for POTA and the Special Event Station from seven different countries. Winter Field Day got 371 of those contacts.   The weather on Saturday was great, blue skies and sun.  We had lots of visitors, and several different people operated the AG6AU station.  Sunday turned out to be cold with some drizzle.   We made a good run on 10m of 90 QSO’s and decided to call it quits at the end of Winter Field Day period.  We were able to pack up the station while most everything was dry and get people home to watch the 49’ers game (sorry fans).   It will be interesting to see how we did for Winter Field Day. We got some extra points for being outside and portable.  Thanks to everyone who came by to help and operate the station.




















The weather finally gave us a break so we could get out and attend the first meeting of the year in person.  


JR. K6LBP presented the prize to our latest 220 Net winner Shawn, KM6NFO.

 20230117 191507










Tony, W6QA updated us on the updates to VE testing program.  No more paper!  

Bob, W1RH updated us on the WRTC compitition and the January event to promote the compitition this year.

 20230117 192128










Jay, KE6GLA showed off the capaibilities of his Christmas present.  The VGC VR-7500, dual band, Bluetooth controled mobile radio.   


Field Day 2022 is in the books and the scores have been published by the ARRL. 

CALL FINAL SCORE Category Section Power Multiplier Club Name Participants Transmitters Power Source TOTAL CW QSOs TOTAL DIGITAL QSOs TOTAL PHONE QSOs TOTAL QSOs BONUS POINTS
AG6AU 2,640 3A SV 2 El Dorado Co. ARC 3 3 G 253 0 219 472 1190


If you would like to see all the information it can be found here  Field-Day-2022-FinalQSTResults.pdf (

Field Day 2023 is a litte more than six months away!

Jordan WC6J, led a group of volunteers to decorate one of the Christmas Trees along Highway 50 in Placerville.  You can find the tree at spot 59, behind the Powel Brother Steamers.  If you in Placerville go find our tree and take a picture.  If go by at night you will see it flashing a message in Morse Code.  Thanks to the group for decorating the tree.

IMG 7513IMG 7510













IMG 7506IMG 8870